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In Person Events Are Slowly Beginning to Return After Being Cancelled or Postponded Due to COVID-19. They Do Take Time to Plan, More Will Be Added Here as They Open Back Up.


Readings with Jen Knight, Shamanic Medicine Woman, Saturday, December 10th, 2022 from 12pm - 5pm  - Shadow and Soul Emporium, 35 Maine Street, Keene, New Hampshire 

Join me for an afternoon of guidance, insight, and healing! I will be offering my 3 reading styles at this event, Animal Spirit Totem, Spirit Journey, and Psychic Mediumship. (See the Readings page for more details on the individual types of readings I offer.) Special event pricing $25 for 15 minute readings! Signup will be on-site, please be on time for your reading. Payment will be in cash, thank you!  

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Classes & Workshops

Herbalism ~


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Medicinal Properties of Kitchen Herbs - Wednesday January 11th, 2022, 6pm, The Earth Magic Shoppe, 39 School Street, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Throughout history herbs have been used to enhance our food and create wonderful culinary delights. They have sparked the movement of people across various trade routes spanning continents. They connect us around a table for nourishment and good company throughout our lives.

Did you know that the herbs you use for cooking and baking also have a host of medicinal properties? Have you ever considered how you can pair them to use your food as medicine?

Join me for an evening to learn about how you can utilize common everyday kitchen herbs to support your health and wellness!

You will learn the properties of this group of herbs and why they were traditionally used as food and medicine. 

And! The best part? You can find these herbs and spices year-round at your local grocery store or natural foods store. 

Cost for the class is $25.

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Lore & Magical Properties of Kitchen Herbs - Wednesday January 25th, 2022, 6pm, The Earth Magic Shoppe, 39 School Street, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Much lore exists about the plant kingdom throughout time and across cultures, from old folk stories to Shakespeareaen plays, to historical accounts to old wives tales. Indeed, our lives are well intertwined with the botanical realms. 

Most of us know of plants as food and some as medicine, but these are not the only ways plants can enhance our lives. Plants carry their own energies, vibrations, and magical properties. Whether intention setting or manifesting or doing spellwork, plants can aid us in many ways.

In this class, we will talk about some of the lore around many of the herbs and spices commonly found in most kitchens. Not just food and medicine, they can help us in our day to day life, no matter what we are facing. These plants were used throughout history for their culinary, medicinal, and magical properties. 

Join me for this engaging class to learn about how you can incorporate these herbs into spellwork, working with the law of attraction, and bringing their beneficial energies into your life.

Cost for this class is $25.

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Intro to Essential Oils - An Herbalists Perspective - On Going! Please call or email for the latest dates and locations.

Have you heard all the buzz about essential oils, but are not really sure what they are or how to use them safely? Then this intro class is for you! Learn how essential oils can support your health and wellness goals, and overall peace of mind. 

Join Jen Knight, an herbalist with over 24 years of experience working with plant medicine, for this engaging and informative class.

In this class you will learn the foundation of how to use essential oils to support your well being and the body’s own natural healing process. We will go over an array of common uses for every home. We will touch on how to use essential oils for emotional support to bring more balance to your life. And you will learn what to look for when choosing essential oils to ensure they are free of synthetic additives and other harmful chemicals, you will be surprised to discover it is beyond what you see on the label.



Seed to Salve -
Herbal Workshop Series with Herbalist Jen Knight

Class 1) Herb Basics and Seed Starting

Learn the most commonly used herbs that every household can utilize, what they are used for, and how to use them. We will also discuss edible and medicinal wild Spring greens to look for and recommended reference books on herbal medicine. In the afternoon, you will choose which plants you would like to cultivate a relationship with, and we will plant seeds for many of the herbs covered. You will bring home your planted seeds in pots to grow in your own garden or planters.

Class 2) Medicinal Herb Walk and Making Mid-Summer Remedies

We will discuss the ethics of wild harvesting, plant identification, appropriate areas to harvest, good field guides, and easy to use medicine making books. We will harvest some herbs for hands on medicine making in the afternoon, which will include poultices, infused oils, tinctures, or vinegars, depending on what is in season. You will bring home some of the remedies we make that afternoon.

Class 3) Salve Making, Root Harvest, and Seed Saving

We will use the infused oils created in Class 2 to create salve, or learn how to make a fresh hot infused oil to make into salve. We will discuss roots to harvest in the Fall, how to identify them, how to process them for future use, and what they are used for. If tie allows, we will go out and look at roots. We will go over methods for seed saving so that you can grow some of the plants you find in your own garden.

Cost for this series is $180 if paid in full, or 3 payments of $65, and covers materials for making the herbal remedies and seed starting.  Pre-registration is required, to register and pay for this workshop series please click on the 'Payment Options' below. Space is limited, register early to ensure your spot. Payment is due in advance of the class, partial refund for emergency cancellation, and no refund within a week of the class. Payments are due the day prior to each class.

SEED TO SALVE SERIES: Further information regarding what to bring for classes and contact for directions will be emailed upon class registration.

Class 1) March, 2023 10am-4pm

Class 2) June, 2023 10am-4pm 

Class 3) August, 2023 10am-4pm

2023 Dates and location TBD



Medicinal Herb Walk with Herbalist Jen Knight 

Summer 2023, Date & Location TBA

Learn about some of the medicinal herbs that grow in our bio-region and in your own backyard, how to identify them, what common ailments they can be used for, wild harvesting ethics, and basics in preparing them for use. Please bring a camera to take pictures for future identification help and a notebook.


Private Property Medicinal Herb Walk with Herbalist Jen Knight 

Available During the Spring, Summer, & Fall, By Appointment

Are you just beginning your journey to learn about herbs, or wanting to identify which medicinal plants are growing on your property and how to use them, but don't want to wait for a group class? This private tour may be for you. Like the publicly offered class, you will learn about some of the medicinal herbs that grow in our bio-region and specifically in your own backyard, how to identify them, what common ailments they can be used for, wild harvesting ethics, and basics in preparing them for use. Please bring a camera to take pictures for future identification help and a notebook. Your children and family members are welcome to join in, or if you live alone you can bring a friend. Please email any questions you may have and to schedule a date and time.

Cost $75 Per Hour


Reiki ~


Reiki found me several years ago. From my very first session it had an amazing & beautiful impact on my life. Physical pain & emotions were gently released, realigning me with my purpose on this life path.

Little did I know at the time that my own personal healing journey would put me on the path to guiding & assisting others through their own healing journeys, becoming a vessel for love, light, messages, insight, & healing energy to flow through.

Deep & profound gratitude for this gift fills my heart everyday.

With Blessings I offer this gift to you.


Reiki Level I Class 

Future Class Dates TBD Depending on COVID-19 State Mandates in NH

2022 10 am – 4 pm

Intro, History, Principles, Techniques, Ethics,

Attunement, Meditations, and More

Second part of class & practice session Sunday March, 2020 from 1-4pm


 Reiki Level II Class 

Future Class Dates TBD Depending on COVID-19 State Mandates in NH

2022 10 am – 4 pm 

Meditation, Review, Symbols & Use, Techniques,

Distance Healing, Attunement, and More

Second part of class & practice session Sunday April, 2020 from 1-4pm


Reiki Level I Class $225, Reiki Level II Class $275, pre-registration required.

Classes include manuals and certificates for each student, and a follow-up group practice session.

Classes are offered year round. For information on group or private classes, Advanced Reiki Training (A.R.T.), Master & Master/Teacher Certification, session dates, suggestions to prepare you for the classes, registration, and all other questions

please call Jen Knight *) at 207-323-5635 or email spiritlightsanctuary@gmail.com 


May You Be Blessed On Your Path Wherever You May Be.


Reiki Certification



Shamanism, Spirituality, Earth Medicine ~

New Classes Forthcoming in 2022

Intro to Shamanism & Shamanic Journeywork - Thursday December 8th, 2022 at 6pm, The Earth Magic Shoppe, 39 School Street, Hillsborough, New Hampshire

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of healing and divination on the planet, spanning across cultures and continents for thousands of years. At its core it is a deep connection and understanding of nature and working with the wisdom and energies found there. A Shaman undergoes training to be a bridge between the Earth realms and the realm of Spirit, being able to travel within those realms via journeywork to meet, communicate, and work with Spirit Guides and Ancestors for guidance, insight, and healing.

During our time together you will get an introduction to the core aspects of Shamanism, and will take a guided journey together on the beat of a ceremonial drum, to meet one of your Spirit Guides.

Bring a blanket, pillow, yoga mat or sleeping pad, and an eye covering (scarf or bandana or eye pillow) as you wish for comfort. You may choose to be seated or lay down during the journeywork. You will also want to bring a journal or notebook to record your experiences. Bring water and any snacks you may want to have on hand.

We will meet at The Earth Magic Shoppe at 39 School Street in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. Overflow parking is available at the library parking lot diagonally across the street.

Cost is $45 per person, payable via PayPal or Venmo @SpiritLightSanctuary or cash in person at The Earth Magic Shoppe or click the button below to pay with a credit or debit card.

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