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Seeking more guidance and insight on your path? 

I offer three types of readings to bring clarity to your current situations.

Animal Spirit Totem Readings with Shamanic Medicine Woman Jen Knight

We all have a host of guides that walk our path with us throughout our lifetime, each of them brings different skills and insight to our current situations. Many of our guides are Animal Spirit Totems, which impart their special wisdom and skills, their medicine, to your life.

During an Animal Spirit Totem Reading you will learn which Animal Spirit Totems are walking your path with you at this time, what medicine they bring to the table, and how you can apply that within your life.


Spirit Journey Readings with Shamanic Medicine Woman Jen Knight

During a Spirit Journey Reading I connect in with you guides to see what information they have for you at this time. These readings are very visual, and everything in the vision has meaning, from the landscape to the actions you are taking, the Animal Totems that are present, the guides that are present, and the other people that are present, all of it imparts insight to your current place along your life path. In this I am able to share messages from your guides, and share what energies are at play and supporting you as you walk you path.


Psychic Mediumship Readings with Shamanic Medicine Woman Jen Knight

It is with gratitude that I offer the ability to connect you with passed loved ones. Knowing those we love have found peace, and being able to receive messages from them can bring comfort along your path and help you with your healing process.


Readings are $45 for 30 Minutes, or $75 for One Hour.

If a reading goes beyond the length of time booked, a rate of $75 per hour will apply for the overage.

You will receive an email to book the date and time of your reading after purchase. 


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Psychic Parties

Interested in booking a private event online in the comfort of your own home? Contact me for details!

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