Spirit Light
Reawaken Your Inner Sanctuary



Within you dwells the highest embodiment of love and light, a sacred energetic being so gently powerful, capable of deep healing, sanctity and oneness. You are powerful beyond measure, stillness and peace are accessible even in the midst of chaos, open your heart, you are there.

In disbelief? Sounds like I am talking about someone else? This is the beauty with you every moment of every day. Take a few deep breaths and let this wisdom settle into your being. You will begin to feel it is true. 

I invite you to take the first steps on your own healing journey, or to add to your proverbial 'backpack of healing wisdom' with the gifts I have gathered along my path. My wish is to be of service to empower you to be a fully present being in your own healing process. The greatest gift I have ever given or received is the gift of healing.  

May you walk with love and light on your path, wherever you may be.

                   Brightest Blessings,

Jen Knight *)

Shamanic Medicine Woman

Usui Reiki Master Teacher * Herbalist * Shaman * Psychic Medium


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