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Clients have reported feeling happier, gaining clarity, improved speech & mobility, relief from anxiety; shortened recovery time from an illness, injury, or surgery; relief from years of physical and/or emotional pain, relief from constipation, feeling a greater sense of peace and ease, feeling more empowered and confident in their life, and much more.


"Jen is one of the most gifted and knowledgeable healers I've ever crossed paths with. After receiving Reiki and a shamanic reading 3 days ago, I'm still feeling the light and love to the same depth and quality I had immediately after my appointment. She has given me so much insight and helped me get reacquainted with my inner self. Her thoroughness to understand all levels of every aspect of my life is both impressive and much appreciated. I would recommend her to anyone! Thank you, Jen!!" 

~ Dr. Joshua Hallengren, D.C., Owner of Hallengren Family Chiropractic, Keene, NH


"Just being in the presence of this lovely healer will make your day better. She has a wonderful way about her, genuine empathy... as well as a fabulous personality and good sense of humor. I am a professional reader, and am picky about who I refer to. I wholeheartedly recommend Jen <3 "

~ Stacy Salpietro-Babb, Owner of Iris X Readings, Lotions, and Other Potions, and Co-Creator of The Wayfarer Tarot, Brattleboro, VT, 


"Jen's work is very soothing and her intuitive abilities are insightful. Her healing touch allowed me to go into a very deep state of relaxation that made me to feel totally nurtured, safe, and loved."

~ Susan Vaughn, MA, MFTI, Owner of Wellness Unlimited Solutions, Member of the Research Team at The University of Metaphysical Sciences,  Team Member at Invisible Truth, Eureka, CA


"Jen is amazing healer. I trust her to make me feel energized and spiritually better. I know I need her healing hands when life starts to feel overwhelming and I feel blocked. Plus she is one of the sweetest people I know!"

~ Julie Falvey, Brattleboro, VT


"My day with my daughter for a shamanic reading and Reiki session with Jen was such a beautiful experience!! I highly recommend her many services. She has brought such love and light into our hearts and lives. Thank you!!"

~ Rosemary Hastings, Hillsborough, NH


"Jen is a compassionate and gifted healer. My 8 year old's experience with Jen was amazing and has really helped her tremendously! I highly recommend Jen to anyone looking for Reiki or someone who is extremely knowledgeable about oils and herbs."

~ Jennifer Willet, Owner of The Production House, Keene, NH


"You did a reading for me recently in Keene. So far, that time spent with you has brought me more peace than any of the self-help books, walking and journaling that I have tried. Thank you!"

~ Mary Lynn Crosson, Keene, NH


"Jen Knight was a perfect introduction for me to shamanic and intuitive healing work. Each session is different and heals whatever is causing me the most anxiety or stress, and sometimes even has helped physical problems like bleeding in the stomach (from stress), and other times has helped me deal with emotional problems and stress as well."

~ H. Levine, Arcata, CA


"Jen, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the last three years. And the last session. There is something to your approach that is more effective than any other type of intuitive healing that I know of. I'm not sure how I'd explain it to another client. Their experience/story would always be different from mine or anyone else. Your sessions were (almost but not completely) all accompanied with a visual thing for me. That never happened with anyone else."

 ~ K.H.L., Arcata, CA


"Jen is incredibly knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher! If you have any interest in learning about herbs, or learning more than you already know - Jen is your woman!"

~ Kristi Shaw, Blue Lake, CA


"I have traveled all over the world in the last 40 years, and worked with a lot of different healers and a variety of healing modalities in that time. I have never experienced anything like your work!"

M.S., Keene, NH

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