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About the Practitioner


Jen Knight *)

Shamanic Medicine Woman

Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher * Herbalist * Shaman * Psychic Medium


What is Spirit Light?

The beginnings of Spirit Light stem from my early childhood adventures in the woods, meeting the plants and energies of nature in the wilds and in my own backyard. The vision of Spirit Light came to me after a solo backpacking journey in Costa Rica led me to have the fortunate and life changing experience of holding ceremony with a Peruvian Medicine Woman, showing me clearly the interests I have had since childhood were in fact my path, my life purpose. The core of my skills are in part gifts I came into this world with and the culmination of a lifetime of curiosity, an insatiable thirst for knowledge of alternative healing, living closely with the Earth, and stretching the bounds of what is possible.

Spirit Light to me is the Universal Life force that is the essence of every being, the light within your spirit. It is in the plants, animals, stones, stars, trees, and in us. It is the wonderful benevolent energy that guides and supports us all. This is the energy I draw upon during energy healing sessions. Facilitating the blossoming of your being, releasing the stuck places through a synergistic combination of healing arts specific to your individual needs. 

During an energy session I become a vessel for the healing energies of the Earth and the Astral to flow through. In this space I am open to receive messages from Spirit, divine guidance, and journey to see what Spiritual Medicine you may need, be it in the form of plants, stones & crystals, animal guides, or actions to take to further your healing. The energy I work with is subtle and gentle, yet powerful and profound, allowing you to enter into a deep state of relaxation which support's the body's natural healing response. Each session is as diverse as the people I work with, and no two sessions are the same, what comes to me is what you are needing in that moment.

It is with deep and profound gratitude that I offer these healing sessions. Seeing the transformation in you after receiving the energies I work with is one of the most beautiful experiences one could have. I feel continually amazed and blessed to do this work, and in awe of how it continues to evolve, each turn on my path opening up more energy, gifts, and tools to share with those who are called to work with me along their healing journeys.

What is my background in healing arts?

My experience and knowledge of healing arts is deep, diverse, and longstanding. I have been practicing an array of alternative healing modalities for over 25 years, and continue to integrate new and expanded skills and techniques into my repertoire, studying with herbalists, shamanic and energy healing practitioners from North, Central, and South America, as well as years of intensive self study with the plants and spirit guides themselves.

During a session I incorporate a combination of the following modalities as I am guided: Reiki, Shamanism, herbalism, crystal energies, acupressure and meridian systems, intuitive and divine guidance, working with Spirit Guides, sound, aromatherapy, flower essences, and education about beneficial foods.

I also offer herbal consultations separately from the energy work for those who prefer to work solely with herbs and foods to bring about balance and wellness in the body. 

Some of the products I offer include a variety of Reiki Blessed healing tools, custom herbal formulas, chakra jewelry, and crystals. I also offer private and group consultations, classes, and retreats.

 If you are open and ready to become an integral and empowered part of your healing journey, please call me, I am here to work with you facilitating your growth, healing, and empowerment on your life journey.


Jen*) is the owner & founder of Spirit Light and Spirit Light Botanicals (the re-branded name of Luna Herbals). After 5 beautiful years in Humboldt County, California, she currently practices her healing arts in New Hampshire and abroad. She is also available for distance healing.

When not performing healing arts she can be found communing with the forest, kayaking and paddle-boarding the beautiful New England lakes, rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean, practicing yoga, and backpacking the incredible mountains of the nearby wilderness.



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