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Happy Autumnal Equinox and Mabon! 

Today marks the day of balance, a day where the length of day and night are equal, in the Northern hemisphere, before lies long hot summer days, after brings longer nights and crisp Fall air. This day in between, we celebrate change, transformation, and balance, the still point. The essence of this day asks you how do you bring balance and stillness to your life? Amid the day to day activities, the to do list, chores, kids, and sometimes chaos, what do you do to support the balance of your being?

Many things come to mind immediately that help me bring stillness to the art of being a master juggler. The foundation lies in getting a good night’s sleep, clean eating, moving our body, and reducing our stressors. Some of the best tools I have found to build off of the foundation are easy to incorporate into your day, even 5-15 minutes with any one of these tools will offer wonderful shifts in perspective. Yoga, think any balancing pose here, tree pose, variations of warrior, etc., breathing into our bodies while we find literal balance within them. Breath work and meditation are also great tools to quiet the mind, and help us stay on track. One of my favorite ways to recharge is getting out into nature. Between the fresh air, the aromatic compounds the plants release, the peace found there and movement, whether hiking, swimming, doing yoga, going to the ocean, and so much more, nature is one of the best tools for balancing I have found.  

Speaking of aromatic compounds, plants are amazing allies for our health and peace of mind. Personally I love the grounded forest smells of doTERRA’s Balance Blend, a combination of spruce, ho wood, and many other herbs, this blend evokes a tranquil feeling, especially if you can’t get to the woods. Herbal allies whether in the form of essential oils, tea, or tincture, help to bring balance to our systems. I love oatstraw, chamomile, catnip, lemonbalm, and lavender, to name a few, to relax the nerves and soothe the nervous system.

I hope these helpful tips find you well along your path, and assist you along your journey. Enjoy the day wherever it brings you, and may you have the time to pause and reflect on what is shifting within and without your life as the great wheel turns. Breath in balance today.

And if you feel called, balance an egg on its end! It really works!

Brightest Blessings


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